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  • Fe Robinson

Listening to the wisdom of your heart

“The first language of communication is energy. Vibration. There’s a whole range of energy we as humans feel, but essentially there’s two kinds of vibes. There’s good vibes and bad vibes. Bad vibes take away your energy and good vibes enhance your energy. The vibes don’t tell us the words, they don’t tell us the details or rational thought. They just tell us if this energy is good for us or bad. When an animal feels bad vibes what do you think it does? It moves away. How does it know? Because its life is based on energy. You have energy, you gain life. You lose energy, you lose life. This is the primal communication form of everything from bacteria to humans” Bruce Lipton

I happened across an old article last week which interviewed Bruce Lipton, a biologist interested in neurology. It reminded me that not only is the heart the place where we ‘read’ energy, but also that the heart generates the largest electromagnetic field in our body. Apparently the energy field is about 60 times greater in amplitude than that of the brain. 60 times.

That made me stop and think. So why, if it’s 60 times greater, are we all so tuned in to the chatter going on in our heads, and not to the wisdom sitting in our chests? I wonder, have you ever had a sense that something is just not right, and over-ridden it, to later discover that something in you had sent off a warning flare that you would have been better to listen to? I know I have.

Our body is not just a place where ‘we’ live. We are our body, and our mind, and our emotions and thoughts, and so, so much more. Good health is about maintaining the channels of communication to ALL of our self, mind, body, energy. If you’re grounded and something feels wrong, that feeling is worthy of respect and exploration.

What you come to realise may not be what you expect at first glance, and it may well surprise you, and that is the whole point. Wisdom and insight come in many forms, our challenge is to hear it however it arrives. Sometimes it is not easy to act on what you are called to do, what you know in your heart is right may not be what is simple, or conforming, or compliant, and it may call you to stand up and be noticed.

I wonder, what would happen if you listened to the wisdom of your heart? What one thing would you change today?


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