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  • Fe Robinson

Life is about intuition, with a splash of logic!

“Life is about intuition, with a splash of logic. If you learn to use the two in the right balance, any decision you take will normally be right” Lucinda Riley

Decisions, decisions. They can be tricky things. Tricky mostly because many of the decisions we think we have to make are illusions and tricks of our mind. It is easy to get swept up in mental machinations about whether path A or path B is the right one for us, whether we stick with the job or leave, whether we continue the relationship or move on, whether we move house or stay where we are.

A spiritual guide once asked me, when I was faced with a ‘big decision’ why it was I felt the need to decide anything. I had spent weeks too-ing and fro-ing, really torturing myself about what was the best thing to do, when frankly neither of the choices before me were attractive. She invited me to not decide, but to just walk forwards, one step at a time, doing only what I sensed was right in this very moment. She said she thought the decision would make itself, if I attended to what was good to do RIGHT NOW.

She was right. There was no decision to make. The answer was very obvious, when I breathed, stayed centred, and lived my life day by day. In these tumultuous times, when many people are under unusual pressures and strains, this event has come back to me as an important lesson. Now is not the time for big decisions. Now is the time to breathe. To be open. To wonder. To allow yourself to be. The future will take care of itself, actually, it always does.


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