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  • Fe Robinson

Letting emotions and thoughts flow

I often hear people saying they cope with emotions and thoughts by avoiding them. Sometimes, it may feel the only option available. Ultimately though, it tends not to work. I think of emotions and thoughts when ignored or resisted as a bit like a toddler...they get louder and more insistent until they are heeded.

So what to do? Perverse or even scary at is may seem, the most effective way of navigating difficult emotions or challenging thoughts is to welcome them in, bringing them close. Truly listening, making time and space to understand what it is that is being communicated beyond the surface expressions, can release the stuck energy, and allow you once again to flow.

This is not to say we need to get stuck with them, this would be equally damaging. The best way past is through, fully experiencing, and then letting go.

Imagine a waterfall is flowing through you, and out into the ground. Emotions and thoughts washing through you, bringing their gifts and insights, and then dissipating into the earth.

For support in finding your personal flow, get in touch.


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