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  • Fe Robinson

Laughter as therapy

Today I want to say something about the healing power of laughter.

I am blessed to be a mother, and to have young children who are inclined to giggle. Often. Sometimes, I’m able to meet them there, and we all have a good time being down right silly. Noticing the positive effects of this it’s now something I actively create opportunities for. Ten minutes of deep belly laughing really does change energy. It’s a reset, a release, and it puts things into perspective.

Building laughter into your life can really change how you experience things. Be it from a sense of fun with children, meeting up with adults for banter, from watching comedy, happy reminiscing, or anything else that makes you laugh, it’s a helpful outlet.

Humour is no substitute for honest looking and engagement with what is challenging and difficult in life, but it is a powerful balance and supplement to help you experience the full range of human emotions. For many people, there has been little to laugh about of late. Where this is the case, we need to work that bit harder to bring joy and fun into day to day life. While we may need to be serious about much in life, there may also be opportunities to hold ourselves and others lightly.

What has caused you to giggle this week? How can you seek out more of that joyful energy in the days ahead?


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