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  • Fe Robinson

Grief is love with nowhere to go

I was reminded of this beautiful phrase recently and it touched me deeply. We grieve that which we have loved. The bigger the grief, the deeper the love.

Love brings vulnerability. We risk becoming intimate, we show ourselves and move close enough to truly see another. And one day, it ends. The means may be varied, but even the most enduring love ends with the finality of the death of one lover.

Is it worth it? Yes. Vulnerability and love bring a richness and a depth to life that change us, that connect us not only to the other, but also to our own self.

Grief is an honourable emotion, a message about how it is we have felt and feel about the circumstances of our lives. Allowing it to pass through us and do its work is essential, for in time that will leave us open to loving in new ways, with the people who come to be in our life as it evolves.


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