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  • Fe Robinson

Get moving!

I often work with clients who have had their symptoms for a long time. It can be easy to think anxiety, or low mood, are unchanging, and in time to think about them as impossible to change, and something we have to put up with.

I’ve been reflecting on the relationship between mental stuckness, and the physical body. Recently when I was stretching, I was mindful of the impact of movement on my mind. As I reached up, I could feel my mindset shifting, one simple stretch created a sense of space and possibility in that moment.

In NLP we have a saying 'if what you're doing isn't working, do something else.' My moment of stretching was a powerful reminder of this, and of the influence of movement on our thoughts and feelings. It reminded me that nothing is really stuck or unchanging, it just seems that way sometimes.

Neuro-science shows us that the connection between mind and body is not one way, our body influences our mind as much as our mind influences our body. When we feel stuck, or trapped, most often we are still and not moving. Bringing a little movement to your body, stretching, going for a walk, or doing some exercise that you enjoy, can make a big difference.

Even changing where you are looking changes how you feel. When you are emotional, try looking up. It lessens your awareness of your feelings, and can lighten your mood. On the other hand, when you feel detached or distant, try looking down, this can help you connect with your body sensations and feelings.

Experimenting with the way movement affects your mind and mood is a great way of helping yourself when troubling thoughts and emotions are affecting you.

How can you get moving this week?


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