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  • Fe Robinson

Finding an environment in which to thrive

Having recently planted my garden with a variety of plants from tiny to mature, I noticed this week a little delphinium that was struggling in the flower bed. Despite ongoing watering and feeding it just wasn’t growing.

I lifted it out, and replanted it in a pot of compost in a sunny spot just beside my window. It’s now very visible to me, and that means it gets the attention it needs. I’m pleased to say it is now thriving, from small beginnings, but it’s grown more in a week than it did in the previous months.

It put me in mind of the importance of giving ourselves the right environment in which to thrive. What is your metaphorical compost, light and ideal positioning? Who are the people who uplift you? What are the activities that renew you? How do you make your heart sing? What brings you comfort? What enables you to rest?

When we are in adverse circumstances, it can be harder to look after ourselves, but these are just the times when we need to take extra care of our environment and our well-being.

What do you most need today?


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