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  • Fe Robinson

Embodied and relational psychotherapy

“Your mind is not just your brain. Your mind is both your whole body and your relational world.” Dan Siegel

I was listening to a seminar recently in which Dan Siegel was reflecting on the way psychotherapy can change the way we experience and live life, including the health of our bodies, and the rewards of our relational world.

He reflected that dissociation, and so disconnection, are curable conditions. This is my experience of psychotherapy, both as a client, and as a therapist. The relational field that can develop in the work can be transformational, given the right chemistry and good understanding of the structure of the client’s experience, and which interventions will help.

Therapy is no longer a matter of simply talking. It is not an intellectual pursuit. It is a matter of bodymind and of relationships, both internally within ourselves, and transpersonally with others.

Our understanding of bodymind and relational fields is expanding fast. When selecting a psychotherapist, find out about their approach, and the way they will flex it to your needs. Also, ask what their understanding of physiology and of neuro-science is. How does this inform their work? Make sure you are going to be seen, helped and healed as a whole person, beyond thoughts and feelings, and taking into account your developmental history and bodily experience as well.


Fe Robinson

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