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  • Fe Robinson

Connecting beyond yourself

One of the aspects of self I find important to find out about in my client work is the client's sense of the sacred.

For some people spirituality sits within a religious framework, with a concept of a god or the divine. For many others, it does not, there may even be an aversion to the idea of an external or omnipotent deity.

What seems to be significant for well-being and healing is not so much a religious practice or particular concept, but the capacity for connection beyond our individual self. It may not be to an idea of a god, it may be about nature, the universe, energy or any other way of sensing life more widely, we are all different.

This was brought to life for me recently when I was reflecting on when I sense the sacred. I noticed a dropping away of my usual sense of being separate or individual, and I was connected beyond my limited self.

What occurred was an experience of flow, of being a channel through which life was being expressed, without any need for me as an individual to direct or consciously choose. It was about being there, fully, at one with what was, and letting life live.

This reminded me that I can be connected and attuned anywhere, anytime. Giving myself fully to whatever I am doing is a transcendent experience. Me as separate from the washing up disappears, and there is just vibrant activity, and my experiencing of it. Who knew washing up could be transformative?!

Connecting beyond yourself need not be grand. Awe and wonder are there to be experienced in the mundane. What is necessary is holding yourself lightly enough to allow life in, to be vibrant, literally to vibrate as the energy that you are. Then, you are connected not only to your self, but to everything else too. That is sacred, as are you, given our deep, natural connectivity, how could we not be?

Why not pause and take time to notice yourself and life around you during your day today? Spend a few moments sensing your body and taking in your surroundings. I wonder what is there to be experienced that you might otherwise miss?


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