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  • Fe Robinson

An observer changes the system, just by being there

Have you ever noticed that when you show someone else around your home or office, you see it differently? Or when you take someone for the first time to somewhere you are familiar with, you have a different sense of it? Or got up from sitting next to someone and felt like you’ve taken a bit of their mood with you? If so, you’re not alone!

Our experience of things is influenced not only by our internal way of being, it is also impacted by those who share the experience with us, even if they are uninvolved observers.

You see, we are not just matter, we are living energy fields, and we interact with each other just by being present. We can’t not influence each other, it’s just not possible. Even when we say nothing, or do nothing, just our being there is significant.

Observers change systems. We impact the dynamics of which we are a part, just by being there. What a responsibility and a privilege that is. We can impact the lives of those around us by our way of being with them, even if we are just stood in a queue behind them in the cafe.

What’s the impact you wish to have? Are you looking after yourself well enough for that to be the case? If not, what one thing can you do today to take care of yourself, and so everyone else, more lovingly? In this International Week of Happiness at work, how will you be the change you want to see in the world?


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