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  • Fe Robinson

You move towards what you think about

There is a saying that has resonated for me this week

'You move towards what you think about.'

I had found myself feeling a little despondent, and noticed it was really influencing my thinking and getting in the way of me doing what I needed to to make a difference to the situation. It is as if I was creating the problem again and again in my head, by dwelling on what was not working for me.

The unconscious mind is a faithful thing, if you repeatedly put instructions in that are limiting, it will happily oblige by getting your whole system lined up behind them. When you change those instructions to more liberating ones, it will equally happily shift direction and align behind your new thinking patterns. It does not discriminate, it just gets on with the instructions it perceives itself to be receiving.

If only we had a magic wand, such a shift could be instant. While trauma therapy can help quite quickly where appropriate, for many shifts changing the way you think takes time, consistency, and commitment. If you think of your thought patterns as a road network, the well-used ones are the motorways. The road less travelled is like a bumpy, overgrown, dirt track. The first few times you pass down it, it will feel resistant and difficult to navigate, but the more you pass that way the clearer the track becomes and the easier it is to walk it. Given time and energy it can become a motorway, while that old highway that you use no more will become overgrown by nature and will recede into the background.

What you believe about yourself is powerful. Challenging the thoughts that get in your way is a useful, energising practice. For help with releasing yourself from the resistant ones, please get in touch. You really do move towards what you think about.


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