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  • Fe Robinson

You exist beyond your body

We tend to think of ourselves as matter. A solid, homogenous being that exists within our skin. All that is beyond our skin is therefore not me, its other.

While this may seem to be common sense, it's a problematic idea. To name but a few issues with it, what about the air we breathe and the food we digest? Do they become 'me' on entry into the body and then stop being 'me' on leaving? Or what about the millions of bacterial cells in our gut, that outnumber the human cells. Is this microbiome that can affect our mood and behaviour 'me', or 'other' or someplace in between?

So, the question of matter and what is and is not me is not a simple one. Add to that the knowledge that as well as being matter we are energy and the picture is even more complex.

Our electrical brain currents can be read outside our body, because we have an electromagnetic field. Molecular Biologist Bruce Lipton suggests that this means our thoughts are more of a broadcast than a private internal matter. They are energetic messages that we transmit that will attract a similar response.

What a relief then to realise that although thought may be powerful, there is a transmitter way more powerful in our body. What is it? The heart. It creates an electromagnetic field sixty, yes sixty times larger than the brain’s.

When we focus only on our thoughts, we are using a newer, less powerful sense of insight than the felt sense available within our heart. We can do better. By tuning into our intuitive, felt sense, the knowing of our heart that simply reads energy without rationalising, we can greatly add to our ability to sense energy and to know deeply what is and is not good for us.

What vibrations do you want to reflect back to you in your life? What feels deeply right? What opens you to trust, harmony and love?

These are not the questions we usually ask ourselves, but they are the ones that matter. Doubt, fear and suspicion will not take you where you want to go. Neither will hedging and rationalising. Stand firm, and be open to your own heart.


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