• Fe Robinson

When did your light shine?

It’s perhaps natural that when we are not well we spend much of our time focused on things that have been difficult, or we perceive to have gone wrong. We can get a bit stuck in repeating loops of problems and difficulties, and it can leave us feeling helpless and hopeless.

One antidote that I was reminded of recently is to ask yourself When did my light shine brightly? When was it that you felt alive, on form, flowing, at ease...when did you feel your best self?

When you have in mind a time, spend some time really noticing what you see, what you hear, what you smell and taste, and what you feel when you think of it. With this memory in mind, what do you believe about yourself?

Notice that if you access a multi-sensory experience of this time, your body will respond and re-create the emotions of it for you. It has no choice really, neurons that wire together fire together.

If you’re having a flat day, bring to mind your best self in all your light and energy. It just might set you up for the week.

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