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  • Fe Robinson

When a curse turns out to bless you...

I have a climbing plant in my garden that since my new therapy room was built has been a source of some irritation. The pathway is a little narrower than it used to be, and through the summer I have been cutting the vigorous growth back weekly to make sure clients can walk down the path unimpeded. I confess it has left me at times a bit grumpy!

And now it is Autumn. The foliage has turned the most beautiful bright red. It is so vibrant. I look out of the window and smile. All of a sudden it is a blessing to my garden, and it is being enjoyed by many of those who visit.

The turnaround in my response to the plant has been instructive. Irritation, what irritation?! I am now all praise and gratitude. Hmm...

I love my relationship with my garden, it is just full of metaphors about life and living.

What else, I wonder, am I dividing into good or bad, and judging? Where else would it be wise to step back and notice the complexity and the changing nature of what is in front of me?

What would it be helpful for you to step back and reflect on just now? If you consider and/both instead of either/or, what difference does this make? What blessings may your curses bring?


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