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  • Fe Robinson

What seeds of potential are within you?

Poppies in bloom, against the odds!

I am lover of poppies.  Earlier in the summer, I sewed some seeds, eagerly anticipating their blooms outside my therapy room.

Imagine my disappointment a few days later when torrential rain poured down, flooding my plant pots, and washing away all my poppies.  Unseasonal, unexpected, and unwelcome!

The overflowing muddy pot did of course dry out.  Fortunately, the odd poppy seed tenaciously hung on.  This week finally I have beautiful poppies outside my door.

It said something to me about the resilience of life, and about the potential held in the tiniest of seeds.  Against the odds, plants grew and flowers bloomed.

What is lying dormant within you that you want to give space to?  What will you have grow and blossom?


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