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  • Fe Robinson

What are your top 20 free treats?

I remember many years ago being challenged to write down a list of at least 20 things that feel like treats that are free, or minimally expensive. I sat looking at the blank piece of paper wondering how on earth I would fill it. The thing is, I did fill it...and then some, in the end with not too much difficulty. From watching sunsets to drinking tea to gardening to singing, when I really reflected my list of treats was long and varied.

What you do affects your mood. It affects how able you are to feel peaceful with whatever is coming up in your system. When you nourish yourself with experiences that make your heart sing it is more possible to sit with the uncomfortable and make space for what you would rather ignore.

If you are feeling troubled or finding your emotions hard to be with, why not identify your top 20 free treats, stick the list up, and look at it and choose which to do when you need a lift?

I’d love to hear your top choices. What most makes you smile?


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