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  • Fe Robinson

What a sunflower has taught me this summer

The old dies beneath as the new reaches for the sun

I have spent the last couple of months watching the growth of a sunflower in my garden.

As it has grown, pairs of leaves have emerged, grown, and then withered and died as new leaves further up the stem in turn emerge.

This perpetual evolution, with leaves serving their purpose and sustenance then moving to sustain the new and let go the old has illuminated the process of growth and development.

We do not grow when we attempt to stay the same, to keep our status quo.  We evolve when we are open to new possibilities, and are prepared to move our attention and resources to let what is fresh and beautiful emerge. To do this we need to let go of what we now have, and step into the unknown.

What do you need to let go of to make space to support your next steps?


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