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  • Fe Robinson

Transcending limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs can be powerful. After all, the only function of a belief is to prove itself right. Beliefs are not facts, rather they are conclusions you have come to that resonate and are therefore perpetuated within you.

When you have a belief, your recticular activating system (or RAS) will help you to identify all the information and cues that support that belief, and will quietly ignore any information to the contrary. It's a bit like a social media feed where you follow all the stuff that you agree with,, and leave the rest out.

We are not objective about what we believe, we could not possibly be. We are continually reinforcing our beliefs, without even knowing we are doing it.

So what can we do?

The first step is to notice what you believe about yourself. Listen out for your internal voice and what it tells you about you. Particularly listen out for phrases like 'I am x' and 'it's just like me to be y'.

Once you notice a belief that doesn't serve you any more, begin to do some detective work. What's your evidence? What shows this to be true? Also, what have you not yet noticed that demonstrates it is not always the case? Maybe write down the evidence for and against, and keep a track over a few days to make sure you have a rounded view. You could ask people you trust for their perspective too.

As you build a more balanced view, you may notice you begin to split out beliefs from your self-identity, and to see them for what they are. For example, if you believe 'I am too much', as you give attention to this you may become aware that you are fundamentally just fine as you are, but you do have a habit of giving or revealing too much to people too quickly.

Once the behaviours that you'd like to change are clear, you can begin to experiment with doing things differently. Try out small changes with trusted people, and see how they leave you feeling.

For support in going beyond your thoughts and making sustainable changes get in touch.


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