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  • Fe Robinson

The sacred mundane

I love meditating in company, I experience such a resonance in the collective energy, just remembering brings tingles and smiles. Here’s a poem I wrote capturing my experience of the sacred mundane that is life. Wishing you a weekend of peacefulness and joy

The sacred mundane

I am in heaven

All around me

and deep within

I feel the sacred

Brilliant blue skies

Call me outdoors

Opening my heart to the hills

As I run

Wind moves through me

Clearing my body and

Leaving behind its vibrancy

I step out boldly

Journeying further than before

Knowing that wherever I roam I am utterly, completely safe

For back home

There is love and warmth

Back home

There is laughter and playfulness

Back home

I can surrender and share all that I am with trusting and peaceful hearts

For heaven and the sacred ways of being are my


every day


when lived with heart and with gratitude

Fe Robinson, 2020


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