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  • Fe Robinson

The Joy of Sorrow

By Jeff Foster

It's simple.

When you're sad, just feel sad.

Don't try to be happy. Trying is exhausting.

Don't push your sadness away.

Don't numb it.

Don't try to get over it.

Don't try to transform it.

Don't even try to 'heal' it.

You don't even need to accept it.

Realise that it's already accepted.

There is already enough room for sadness in the hugeness of your being.

You are the sky, the sadness is only passing weather.

You are vast; sadness is temporary.

You are eternal; sadness longs for a home.

It's simple.

When you are sad, just feel sad.

Bow to your sadness.

Honour it.

Let it rest, and move.

And you will know its holiness.

Its aliveness.

Its… joy.

Wishing you a weekend of feeling whatever it is that is true in each moment, sadness and all.


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