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  • Fe Robinson

Space matters

Space matters. We each have our own individual ways of internally organising our perception and experience, and space is a component of this. When asked, we can point to where we have a sense of the past, and of the future, and even of the present moment. The way we experience things is patterned and has physical form, given we are embodied beings.

At the moment, for many of us our ability to use space in our habitual ways is changed. We can’t go out and be in spaces we might choose to, and we can’t have the physical proximity to people we might wish. We have less varied, and smaller spaces to be in, and this has an impact.

All is not lost however. You can vary your experience in your own home more than you might realise. For example, do you have a favourite chair, the place you invariably sit in? If so, go and sit somewhere else in the room. Notice how it looks from this different perspective. What do you now notice? What stands out more than usual? What is less prominent? How do you feel in this space?

Making small variations in the way you use space can make a powerful difference. So, where will you sit down tonight?


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