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  • Fe Robinson

River Drop

Stillness fills the air

That soft, calm peace that follows heavy rain

Glistening wet, the newly watered ground lays naked in the swelling breeze

Tender puffs of wind dry the land

Firming newly made furrows

Tiny channels chiselled in the soil

Form flexing and changing patterns

Days pass, the ground dries

New contours on the landscape evolve

Tiny furrows deepen to flowing streams

As the landscape matures

More weather will pass this way

Intricate patterns will morph and move

As the changing seasons leave their mark

And one day, as if by magic, you see a river now flows

Fe Robinson, 2010

If you’d like to explore your own transition from raindrops of awareness falling on change ready ground to the experience of a river of meaning flowing within you, get in touch and let’s talk. Online psychotherapy is available for UK clients by contacting or confidentially on 01325 730021.


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