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  • Fe Robinson

Reflecting on the winter solstice

On this winter solstice day I’ve been reflecting on the last year and the changes it has brought.  It’s been a year of change for my psychotherapy practice, with a move to my new home in the west end of Darlington and the transition that brings for clients who come in person.  I’ve been delighted to do more couples counselling this year than previously, and to have had an upturn in the number of clinical supervisees I support as well.

As I settled into my new home in the second half of the year it was important to recognise and honour all the continuity that enabled me, as well as the significant change.  My family, friends, hobbies and habits were all there to support me; despite appearances in a house/work move there is still more that is stable than is changing.  

As the shortest day passes it’s a good time to go inwards, hunker down, and reflect.  In the depths of winter, trees laid bare, the landscape at the most barren we see it, stripping back the layers internally is important. It’s a time to trim away that which no longer serves you and to make space for the new growth you want to promote psychologically.  It will be some time before Spring will be upon us, and this gives space for lower activity, introspection, and some mindfulness of your intent for the next year.

My intent is to keep honouring my integrity and authenticity, and doing my heart work.  Raising a family, being part of my communities, nurturing clinical supervisees. and enabling clients and helping them to heal, I have my general direction set.  I await the discovery of how this will all unfold this next year, and for now am content to draw in and replenish myself ready for the days and months ahead.

Wishing you joy on this solstice day, may you winter well.

stonehenge at sunset


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