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  • Fe Robinson

Reconnect with what lifts you

Oftentimes when clients come to therapy, they are suffering with symptoms that are dominating their current experience of life. It may be trauma memories that are intruding into the here and now, or anxiety that interrupts their thoughts continually, or low mood that seems to suck the joy out of life.

In all of these situations, it can feel as if the connection to our deeper selves has been lost. You may have stopped doing activities you used to enjoy because you no longer find them meaningful, or fear may be restricting what you feel able to engage with.

Useful questions to ask yourself when you have troubling mental health symptoms are:

When do I feel most like me?

What pastimes and activities give me energy and lift me up?

What is it that makes my heart sing?

Sometimes these questions may draw a blank. When this is the case, ask yourself what USED to feel like me? What used to energise me? What used to make my heart sing?

Finding new ways to integrate old loves into your life can be uplifting and fulfilling. Doing things that give you pleasure, even when you don't feel like it, can be a great way of caring for yourself and beginning to take control back from your symptoms.

So, what would you do if you did not feel afraid? What would you do if you had the energy? Whatever it is, why not be bold and give it a go this week?


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