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  • Fe Robinson

Post traumatic stress is a condition of dis-connection

“Post-traumatic stress is an embodied response where the sense of self is fragmented. Relationship with one’s whole self and others is interrupted by impulsive actions driven by fear. These different parts of the self operate independently, only increasing the sense of being out of control.” Ed Fellows

Post traumatic stress is a normal response to difficult experiences. It indicates something has been experienced that the bodymind was not able to absorb and integrate, and that has therefore been left unprocessed and frozen in time. The bodymind will make repeated efforts to resolve this, it is these efforts that give rise to symptoms. What is needed is re-connection and integration of the parts of us that have been traumatised with our other, functioning parts, to enable us to experience ourselves as whole and flowing once more.

Treatments are available, and they do not have to be prolonged or painful. If you are experiencing PTSD, reach out to a qualified EMDR or trauma-focused CBT psychotherapist and find out how they might be able to help you.


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