• Fe Robinson

On the nature of thoughts and feelings

“They come, they blow, they go” Mooji

I was listening to a youtube video the other day, and came across this pithy phrase to describe thoughts. It made me smile, in its accuracy, and in its clarity.

Thoughts come, they move through the mind, and they go. The same is true of feelings too. They come, they can blow a gale or gently puff through you, but they do pass on, they go. Nothing is forever. Nothing stays permanently. All ebbs and flows.

This is an important insight in times when you may feel constrained or stuck, or when life may be feeling relentless, or empty, or you are lonely or screaming for space. Or afraid, uncertain, sad, angry, worried or overwhelmed. Or joyful, peaceful, happy, energised, excited or calm. Each of us is facing different challenges and opportunities, both in life, and in any given moment. Nothing stays the same, ever. Coronavirus and lockdown have made this so vividly apparent, and yet it is a deep truth that has always been there.

How does it feel to recognise, when life feels tough, that whatever it is you think and feel, while blowing hard now, will go? And something else will follow?

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