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  • Fe Robinson

Maternal Mental Health Month

Pregnancy and early motherhood are challenging times. Big body changes and hormonal changes are a part of this, but there are deeper shifts happening in terms of lifestyle, roles, and our identity.

It’s so bizarre socially that we talk about this time as entirely happy, leaving out the complexity of how it really is. Not everything about pregnancy is pleasant. Giving birth is not always serene and affirming. Living with a tiny baby 24/7 is difficult.

As we move into motherhood, whether for the first or subsequent times, mental well-being can dip. You may doubt yourself and lose confidence. You may be extremely tired. You may have stopped things to care for yourself. You may be unsure who or how you are now meant to be.

As a mother who has had post-natal depression twice, I am open to acknowledging that love my kids as I do motherhood is also tough. I encourage any mother finding life hard to

reach out. You are not alone. You are normal. And there is support out there.

Who can you affirm and support this maternal mental health month?


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