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  • Fe Robinson

Making changes? What's going on inside?

Our body is a manifestation of our lived experience. It reflects our life experience, what we believe about ourselves, what we believe about others and the world, and how we behave, including how we nourish ourselves or not with food, rest and exercise.

Similarly, the spaces we control and influence reflect our inner way of being. The care and attention we take or do not take says something about how we feel and what we value, and about what we want to manifest in the world.

When things change on the inside, they tend to change on the outside too. And vice versa. Ever known someone drastically change their hair style, or way of dress? Likelihood is, these were not the only changes you noticed. They may or may not have been aware of what was shifting for them.

Sometimes, it is these changes on the outside that can give the best clues to our inside. We don't always connect with what we feel easily, it can creep up on us without being noticed, our attention may be elsewhere.

If you notice yourself making changes to your appearance, or living space, or you notice someone you care about going through transitions, you might ask:

1. What has changed for me recently?

2. How do I feel about these changes?

3. What do I now believe about myself?

4. What am I now letting go of?

5. What from the past do I want to make sure to keep?

6. What am I now welcoming into my life?

7. As I transition what in my experience needs my compassionate attention?

We are all in a constant process of evolution. Daily experiences change us, as do our interactions with others. The changes they bring can be as influential as the bigger life events from which we are more likely to notice the impact.

Regular reflection and time out can help you stay alive to the way you are developing. If you'd like a compassionate mirror to support you in this endeavour, then get in touch.


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