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  • Fe Robinson

Love yourself?

Loving yourself is something you do every day, in every moment, for the rest of your life. Self-love is a way of living, a practice, and an awareness that you carry with you as a compass and a guide to how to live your life.

Not sure how much you love yourself? Given it's a verb, something you do, it's pretty easy to check. How do you treat yourself?

Just as importantly, check out how you treat other people, and things. Are you kind? gentle? respectful? What goes on inside also goes on outside. If you lack patience, compassion and tenderness with others, it’s likely you also lack these qualities in your relationship with yourself.

Want to increase your self-love? Then do it, today, right this moment.

Tread lightly in the world. Act with consideration and kindness. Treat the things and people around you as the precious gifts they are, and then extend that same loving kindness internally.


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