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  • Fe Robinson

Looking again at limiting beliefs

Today I want to celebrate a much commented on Orchid which sits in my office. Clients often notice it and comment on it. It flowers so consistently and for so long that I am asked repeatedly if it is artificial, I'm delighted to say it is not.

I was gifted my orchid 12 years ago. It's been a constant presence in my therapy room ever since. Back then I really didn't consider myself green fingered at all, I recall it continuing to live as the months went by being a surprise!

The consistent evidence of my orchid thriving began to change my belief that house plants were things I killed. In time I bought more orchids, and they thrived too. As did a beautiful Bonsei Tree that I was gifted. I began to notice I had a sense of what the plants needed when, and could respond intuitively rather than needing to be structured about when I fed and watered them.

The more open minded I became, the more delight I felt. It was the start of a building confidence that made gardening become a joy, for me there are few feelings better than having my hands in the earth to nurture plants.

I notice that without challenging my belief and holding open to news of difference, these experiences are ones I would have missed out on. It reminds me that the purpose of any belief is to prove itself right, and it's easy to discount evidence that doesn't fit with what we are assuming to be true.

We all get caught up in outdated beliefs from time to time, when they are limiting ones this can make our world smaller and less abundant. We move towards what we think about, so when you hear thoughts in your head that indicate scarcity or inadequacy, it really is worth checking out what your evidence is, what else there is to notice, and how else you might frame it.

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