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  • Fe Robinson

Listening to your internal story-tellers

When we are traumatised, it is usual to believe we are damaged, broken, and even beyond repair. Ana Gomez has a lovely re-frame for this, inviting clients to know:

“There's nothing wrong with me...there are just stories that need to be integrated into my mind.”

It’s a metaphor that really does it for me. Inside us, an experience has got stuck, and we have an internal ‘story-teller’ who holds this old narrative. It is replayed again and again in the here and now, inviting healing, but often looping.

Trauma work is about getting to know the story-teller and the story, knowing that they are ours, a part of us, not something separate or outside of us.

Once we are aware of a stuckness, we can ask ourselves:

  • What is it conveying?

  • What is its story?

  • What keeps it separate?

  • What needs to be seen, felt, known?

  • What are the missing experiences of this part?

  • What deficits and excesses are there?

  • What would happen if you knew/felt/saw what this story-holder has to tell?

This can be challenging, emotional work, and psychotherapy is a great place to safely do it. If you have inner stories that keep popping up, or trauma symptoms you would like to resolve, get in touch.


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