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  • Fe Robinson

Let's face the music, and dance

I noticed this phrase on the email signature of a fellow therapist recently, and it so made me smile I wanted to share it. In fact, it didn’t make me only smile...I found myself as I got up from my desk having a little shimmy!

What a pithy, light way of expressing so beautifully what therapeutic work is about. It’s about movement, freedom, grace, expression, release and more, all of which we find in dance.

It’s also about resonating with what is coming up in our experience. It’s about turning the radio up, and hearing the music of our bodymind. It’s about listening intently to lyrics, and also tuning into the melody, the harmony, the phrasing, pitch, tempo, rhythm and character of the music being expressed.

It’s about turning towards our experience, welcoming it, and dancing with it. It calls us to move, to hold it lightly, to embrace it, and to find the transcendence of creative expression.

What a lovely, rich metaphor. And what a job. I hope you find some time today to turn up some music that has meaning for you, and to have a good old boogie with it. And if you need support to help you find your groove, then get in touch.


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