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  • Fe Robinson

How have you grown through the ongoing pandemic?

I happened across a post traumatic growth inventory recently, and I read it through the lens of the coronavirus pandemic. Working on the basis it has been a massive life disturbance that has shifted lives in many ways, I was interested to know how I would know if it was an experience from which I had grown. I loved the possible areas of growth and change so much I wanted to share them. I also loved that L G Calhoun and R G Tedeschi from UNC Charlotte’s Department of Psychology freely share this inventory with others.

The areas of growth that the questions consider are relating to others, new possibilities, personal strength, spiritual change, and appreciation of life. To me these seem interesting areas to give thought to in the current context, how can we take growth forward from this deeply distressing time full of so much suffering and loss. It speaks to me of what energy we wish to put out in the world.

If you want to join me in reflecting on the growth impact the pandemic may have had for you, here are the questions to ponder following a significant life event:

To what degree have/do/are you:

  • Changed your priorities about what is important in life?

  • Have a greater appreciation for the value of your own life?

  • Developed new interests?

  • Have a greater feeling of self-reliance

  • Have a better understanding of spiritual matters?

  • More clearly see that you can count on people in times of trouble?

  • Established a new path for your life?

  • Have a greater sense of closeness with others?

  • More willing to express your emotions?

  • Know better that you can handle difficulties?

  • More able to do better things with your life?

  • Better able to accept the way things work out

  • Better able to appreciate each day

  • New opportunities are available which wouldn’t have been otherwise

  • Have more compassion for others

  • Put more effort into your relationships

  • More likely to try to change things which need changing

  • Have a stronger religious faith

  • Discovered that you’re stronger than you thought you were?

  • Learned a great deal about how wonderful people are?

  • Better accept needing others?

What kind of changes do you notice that you can build on?


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