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  • Fe Robinson

How can you improve the world?

“How wonderful it is that no-one need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” Anne Frank

It is wonderful, and thought provoking to know the world is what we individually and collectively make it, and have made it, through time. There are so many injustices, so many acts of unkindness and cruelty, you don’t need to search heard to find them.

Science now tells us that when we act with kindness and grace to others it not only is good for them, it is also beneficial for our own health and well-being; this makes sense to me because essentially it is what we are built for. We are social mammals, we don’t thrive in isolation. Our brains grow as babies and children through social interactions. Our lives as adults are deeply inter-dependent, however introverted by preference any of us may individually be.

Sometimes it’s said that therapists should not speak out about social issues or take positions, lest we alienate or offend those with differing views. What I can speak out for is connection, authenticity, giving and kindness. Being human is a collective, and deeply personal condition.

How will you start improving the world today?


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