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  • Fe Robinson

Happy 29th February!

The 29th February comes around only once every four years, so it seems a day worth marking.  It’s a quirk of the calendar that for most of us has little significance, but for those born on February 29th it is an oddity to only mark your birthday on the actual date every four years.

For me it's a reminder of the way we humans make meaning, rather than meaning being something external and objective.  Different things are significant to different people, and what we make of an experience we share will be unique too.

We are each a product of our genes, and the way our genes are expressed, which is

 influenced by the life experiences we have that switch on some of our potentials and leave others unstimulated.

Today seems a good day to think about the things you find significant and how it is they matter so much to you.  Living a life aligned with your values is energising and important, any day of the year!

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