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  • Fe Robinson

Going beyond the obvious

Not just a head after all then!

On Easter Island, there are a series of big heads that have always been assumed to be just that, big heads. It has been discovered that there is much more to them. The heads are sat on top of bodies with hands. It seems a giant flux of dirt covered the statues up and that they were never deliberately concealed.

When a friend sent me some pictures of the Easter Island statues they really made me think. What is it that I take for granted and see as ‘just heads?’ Having just changed my routine significantly to accommodate the next stage for my growing family, I find there was way more too the way I had my week organised than I realised. My perception of priorities, time and the way I value different parts of my life has changed beyond measure.

Taking some time to step back and consider the frame of reference we have about a situation or person can be extremely helpful for our well-being. It’s easy to become attached to one particular way of thinking about things, and to become passionate about our own perspective. That’s not a problem of course, unless it is getting in the way!

Thinking about a situation in which you feel you’re ‘missing the body’ here are some questions to get you thinking:

What would you like to have happen?

What’s important to you in this situation?

If you were not to sweat the small stuff, what would you think then?

What’s working well about this situation that you would like to keep or expand?

What’s happening from the perspective of other people involved? If you put yourself in their shoes what do you discover?

Think of someone you really admire for their wisdom or skill. What would they do if they were you?

Often, when new information comes to light what we experience shifts. So, look out for bodies beneath heads in your life, and see what practical action you can take to give them a hand emerging.


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