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  • Fe Robinson

Fallen leaves and flowering fuschias!

Each time I look out of my therapy room window, I see a scene that speaks of the complexity of life. Fallen red leaves surrounding a pot containing a fuchsia that has just begun to flower. Is it autumn, or summer? It seems it depends which plant I consult!

So often life is neither one thing nor the other, it's a complex mix of differing aspects that co-exist.

We are this way too. Rather than one consistent, solid being, we have many aspects or parts that can align, diverge and even conflict. Devil on one shoulder and angel on the other? One the one hand yes and on the other no?

Sitting with all of your internal experience is important. Allow the autumn leaves to enhance the summer flowers, and enjoy the total picture they make, Celebrating your diversity and complexity, be with your inconsistency.

If you can make space for it all, then what happens?


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