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  • Fe Robinson

Digging in and laying bare

Now the structure of my house extension is up, my attention has turned to the garden. So far some 21 tons of concrete / gravel has come out, and yet many bricks and stones remain. The earth is full of clay, and extremely compacted. At the moment it’s a process of stripping out and laying bare. It’s back-breaking work. And yet, it’s also inspiring. I’m not yet sure of the shape the garden will take, but I am enjoying discovering what presents itself to me, and how my sense of what is fitting is evolving. I’m gently finding my way forward, consulting and considering, but mostly just feeling and noticing what feels congruent.

It reminds me a lot of the process of psychotherapy. Oftentimes we need to unburden ourselves, to remove debris and make space before we can truly see the lay of the land. It’s not always clear what healing or growth will result in, what forms or shapes will emerge, but it is a process of evolution, of inviting new shoots and nurturing them.

My garden is part of my therapeutic space, my work room looks out onto it, and clients will often orientate themselves into the light as we work. My old garden gate had a sign saying Welcome to Fe’s garden, where well-being grows. I hope my new garden will be just as fruitful.


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