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  • Fe Robinson

Cloud gazing

The beautiful weather the last few days reminded me of one of my favourite meditations. I thought I’d share it in the hope of more lovely weather to do it again soon:

Lie down, out of doors. Look up, and watch the sky. Allow your eyes to soften, engaging your peripheral vision. Breathe deeply, feeling the breathe right down into your tummy.

Notice the changing forms of the clouds. Allow the continually changing light and colour to be central in your awareness. Keep returning your focus to the sky each time your mind wanders off, and notice that each time you return it is a little different to when you left.

Just like the sky, we are continually evolving. We are never still, not least because we are flying through space on a rotating planet! Energy is moving through us continually. Stopping and reminding yourself of the magnificent way that life keeps morphing and growing can be restorative.


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