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  • Fe Robinson

Clinical Supervision for Psychotherapists

I’m enjoying increasing quantities of Clinical Supervision for UK-based therapists, and find it fulfilling and enjoyable work.  Walking alongside fellow practitioners as they work their magic with clients is humbling and inspiring, it is a privilege to support therapists in containing their clients and themselves in their work.

I use a simple structure for supervision.  First, I check in on my supervisee, giving them space to vocalise the patterns they are noticing and where they are at psychologically.  

Then, we explore the client work that they want to bring, for each client being clear about what they are bringing, why, and what they need from the dialogue.  Working in an outcome oriented way helps us make the most of the limited time available.

We wrap sessions up with reflections on the themes, and the interplay between the client material and any parallels and meaning that need attention for the therapist.  In this way we make sure that any therapist material that is popping up is seen/heard and has a means of resolution.

Clinical supervision is an essential support for psychotherapists and counsellors alike.  If you’re considering a change of supervisor and want to explore how we might match, feel free to get in touch to organise an exploratory conversation at

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