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  • Fe Robinson

Clear your energy body

I was sat recently, just reflecting, on a windy day. It was quite something, the way the wind felt like it was moving through me, despite me being snug and warm.

There's something visceral about gusts of air. I had the sense of being moved, cleared out somehow. I was left feeling like I had been blown and scrubbed clean.

This put me in mind of the importance of clearing our personal energy regularly. As well as being physical matter, we are energy. What happens to us leaves an energetic imprint, people we interact with change our energy, as we do theirs. Ever sat down next to someone and ten minutes later got up feeling much as they do? This is the infectious nature of energy.

There are many ways of clearing your energy. Anything that connects you beyond yourself - music, nature, physical exercise, communal activities - will help to get your energy flowing. Sitting in the wind certainly did it for me.

You can also do deliberate practices to clear your energy. Follow the link below to find a recording of one of these, titled Clearing Your Energy Body, which uses the metaphor of magnets to help you let go of what is not here and now. If you have a tendency to pick up on others energy, or to hold on to things yourself, it may be a beneficial practice to build into your self care regime.


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