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  • Fe Robinson

Checking in while staying in

As the slight easing of this period of cocooning at home comes closer, I have been reflecting on the impact of so much time alone, and so little contact with people we might otherwise have seen on a day to day basis.

One of the things I have noticed is that people are being called to hold themselves differently. It’s somehow different to be getting into different grooves in space and time, and to be in contact with people differently through un-embodied media. And to be with other people continuously, right up close and personal. I hear many comments from people about their need to check in with themselves differently.

Here’s a simple set of questions it can be useful to ask yourself regularly:

  1. How am I?

  2. What’s at the forefront of my mind?

  3. How do I feel?

  4. What sensations in my body are prominent?

  5. How can I best support myself?

  6. What do you want to have happen now?

This simple check in and recognition of how you can support yourself can be a tonic if you feel unseen, unacknowledged, or taken for granted. It’s also useful if you have a tendency to be busy, or up in your head, to touch base, literally and metaphorically, and reflect on what is present, and what is needed.


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