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  • Fe Robinson

Bring to life what you want to see

I’ve really been noticing of late the impact my state of being has on on the people around me. Not just at work, but in family life too. I’ve been a bit taken aback at times to see how closely others reflect back to me what is happening inside me, as if they are holding up a whacking great big mirror and saying ‘look…’, although they are actually not saying anything at all.

We have a saying in hypno-psychotherapeutic work - ‘the client has the first induction.’ It’s a reminder that if you want a client to relax, you relax first. If you want them to access a different state - for example being in their body rather than up in their mind - then you make that switch in yourself first, to invite the client into the space with you.

If you are finding that the people around you are displaying energies that are not working for you, maybe sense into your own self and notice what is happening inside. How does their way of being reflect what you are experiencing? How is it you are attracting or enabling this energy to continue? How can you extend kindness to your own self, and to them, to shift the dynamic between you?

Gandhi invited us to ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world.’ Let’s bring that up close and personal. Be the change you want to see in your relationships with those you love. It won’t only help you, they may thank you for it also.


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