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  • Fe Robinson

Being the being you are

“When we stop being so focused on having to shine, we can see the shimmering lights of others and engage in a real give and take.” Esther Perel

You are not a human doing. Yes, you achieve things, and yet you are so much more than what you do or achieve. You are a human being. Being is not a competition. Being is a quality we can bring to anything we do, or do not do. It has an expansive, inclusive energy, it is open to the light both within us, and the light of others and the world we inhabit.

Next time you feel yourself tighten with the need to perform or achieve, take a moment to stop and breathe. Notice your own being, how your body and mind are. Breathe space in, and pause to notice your surroundings and companions. Who and what else are shimmering, and how can you absorb and reflect their light? When a candle lights another, it does not go out. It enables it to shine.


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