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  • Fe Robinson

Be still and listen, the earth is singing

I was out in the fields close to my home a few days ago, and felt as if I was in the middle of nowhere. I am interested to find how changed my relationship is with physical space currently.

Cocooning at home for so much of the time has heightened my sense of space when I am outside. The poet John O’Donohue speaks of the power of landscape, of the outdoors as our natural place in nature. This is something I sense many of us are viscerally feeling given it suddenly became a scarce commodity.

The picture attached is one I have on my psychotherapy room wall. It invites us to be still, and listen. It says the earth is singing. OK, it doesn’t use words, and its language may be one its hard for the intellect to decipher, but when you stand out in nature the earth is indeed singing. It is communicating with us in an endless two way dialogue, if only we can be aware of it.

This period of drawing inwards and protecting our health by staying physically distant from other people offers the opportunity to connect with the world in different ways. Maybe you have more time and space, and maybe you have so little that any you do have feels very precious. Either way, feeling your feet on the earth, and hearing the sounds of nature around you, is an investment in well-being that is worth making.

This week, will you take a moment to hear the earth sing?


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