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  • Fe Robinson

Barefooted Grace

Barefooted Grace

And suddenly, bare-footed and free, I felt alive

The sun above me,

I felt its warmth on my skin

A gentle smile suffused me

Spreading, invigorating

My heart began to dance

I have felt that expansion

That opening

So many times in recent days

The vastness

The space

Where boundaries dissolve

Fairies dance

Energy whirls

As life pirouettes playfully

And I have felt constriction

Fear closing my throat

Chest tightening as

bewilderment swirls,

intoxicating my senses






Draw back

Ever onward

Life dances and sings

Thrumming, pulsing,

Potently alive

It courses through me

Ever present

Never still

And sometimes

I have the grace to dive in, and shine its light onward

Fe Robinson, 2020


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