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  • Fe Robinson

Are you rising to the challenges life is presenting?

When we have a lot on, what usually happens is that the many and varied ways we have of putting a smile on our face, chilling out, connecting with people and energising ourselves go out the window, there just isn’t time for them.

The irony is, when there’s a lot on, more is being asked of us. We are using up our resilience, our emotional reserves to rise to the challenges life is presenting us with. Unfortunately, our reserves are not endless, and resilience has limits.

Years ago I heard a quote from the Dalai Lama saying that he usually needs to meditate for an hour a day, but when he’s busy he needs to meditate for two hours. With his usual charismatic smile and a twinkle in his eye he conveyed such a simple truth.

Meditation is not everyone’s thing, and that’s not what I’m advocating. The important point is, whatever is your thing, you need plenty of it when you are tired, stressed, overwhelmed or just really busy.

When we are full, we can easily give, there is plenty inside. When life is drawing out more than is being put back in, our capacity will gradually reduce, and we will flow out less and less of what we want to bring into being. If life is busy for you just now, work out how you can replenish yourself and take care of your energy and well-being. How can you protect those aspects of yourself that need some shielding? How can you bring a sense of playfulness if life is too heavy? How can you tenderly take care of your soft spots?

If therapeutic work would be a useful part of your self-care blend at the moment, get in touch.


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