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  • Fe Robinson

Are you feeling out of control?

Sometimes we feel out of control, particularly this may be the case for you as our lockdown continues. What is happening around you can be so overwhelming that you are swept along, and it’s as if all you can do is aim to keep your head above water, fighting the current as best as you are able.

Even when you feel out of control, it is likely that there are a lot of small things that you are still in charge of. It might be what you wear, what and when you eat, which route you take to get to a shop, which social media feeds you make time for, who you connect with as you go about your day, what time to go to any day there may be many, many small decisions.

If life is a bit much at the moment it can be grounding to take some time to just notice all the decisions you do make. Write them down for a 24-hour period, and see how you feel about choice and control when you review it. You can ask yourself, are there ways I can extend this control a little? What would need to change for me to feel more at choice about things that matter to me?

To explore choice and freedom in your life, and lessen those feelings of being trapped or obliged, please get in touch.


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