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  • Fe Robinson

Are you acting from fear or wisdom?

Sometimes things are best left. There might be things you want to say, or things you’d like to do, that on reflection it just seems best not to.

It may be that decisions not to act are come to after reflection, coming from a place of wisdom. Or, it may be that they come from a different place, a sense of fear or avoidance. The outcome would be the same either way, so why does it matter?

Fear causes a contraction, a pulling back. When we are afraid we move to protect ourselves, and we lose our openness and willingness to engage and take risks. This reduces the richness of experience and relationships in life, and changes how we experience what does happen.

When we act from a sense of doing the right thing, whether that is stepping forwards or stepping back, we act from a connectedness and a spaciousness. We are giving room to the systems we are part of, and to the differing, sometimes competing, parts of ourselves.

Next time you find yourself deciding not to do something that you’re considering, check it out with this question:

What’s good to do?

Given all the circumstances, what feels right and congruent for you, for others involved, and for the world at large? What makes sense to you? What fits with how you want to show up in the world?


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