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  • Fe Robinson

Appreciate what you are, not what you are not

I’m not a professional musician. I’m not a scientist. I’m not a dancer. Or a photographer. Or a botanist. Or a chef. Or many, many other things that I might be. Thank heavens...if I were all of these I’d be a mite busy!

There are many choice points in life, each that take us in one direction, and simultaneously close off other routes and directions that in that moment we might have taken.

Sometimes we look back with regret, and wish we had gone a different way. And yet, if we had, we would not be where we now are. All of our life experiences together culminate in now. All those choices, including the ones we kick ourselves about, led to what now is.

Nothing is ever all good, or all bad. Your current circumstances probably have things in them you would wish to change. They will also likely have many things you would not change, things that you cherish and appreciate.

This is the nature of living. Not black, or white, instead many varied colours, including shades of grey. So how then do we relate to those regrets and wistful longings?

One way is to focus on what you are, rather than what you are not. To celebrate the talents, characteristics and ways of being that serve you and bring joy to you and yours, rather than focusing in on what seems to be lacking or what is not yet present.

And so, I love to sing. I love to dance, and take pictures, and potter in my garden amidst plants I can’t identify, and to cook for my children. I love reading and researching. And I love being a psychotherapist. Just changing my focus has uplifted me and left me smiling.

What do you most appreciate about yourself?


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